About Me

A Brief Overview Of Me And My History

My name is Robert Addams. I’m a fully qualified, professional Hypnotherapist. My Practice is based in Staines-upon-Thames in West London.
I began my career as a medical illustrator, producing training manuals for Surgeons. Then for 17 years I became a full time Lecturer. During this time I undertook numerous courses and exams for the counselling and guidance of Students as well as studying CBT and Art Therapy. This led to my involvement with Hypnotherapy. I currently hold 2 Diplomas and Membership of the National Guild of Hypnotists and CNHC Professional Standards Authority.
My aim is to offer fast, successful and positive changes to any aspect of “You” that may be making your life unhappy or difficult. I’m here to help you solve your problems quickly and easily.
I offer a personal, friendly and confidential Hypnotherapy service. It’s tailored to you and I’ll use the best methods and techniques to help you to achieve your goals. After all there is no “One size fits All”. We’re all individuals.
Asking for help doesn’t come easily to many of us. The fact that you have found your way to this page means that you accept that something is wrong and you’d like help to put it right. This in itself is a big step towards that goal. Finding the right person to help you achieve this is important.

I offer a Free, 15 minute consultation where we can talk about anything you’d like to have help with. Then you can decide if Hypnotherapy with me is right for you. This may be the first time you’ve spoken to anyone about what you want to change. Sometimes just talking to someone and vocalising how you feel can make a big difference. If for any reason we’re not the right fit, I’ll gladly point you in an alternative direction for treatment or help.
At times we all need a little bit of help. We often ignore those subtle signals that our body is giving us, telling us that we need to make a change. Life can be busy, hectic and stressful. “I just haven’t got the time to spare”. Does this sound familiar?
If so, then for all those people that count on and rely on you, as well as for yourself, it’s time to stop and get you back to how you want to be and let Hypnotherapy help you.

I look forward to helping you.

Robert Addams
Dip Hyp, Cert Hyp CS, GQHP, BA (Hons), Cert Ed, PGCE, Dip Ad, Dip CBT, RSTD, SAID.