Anxiety is the fear or nervousness about something that may happen, whereas Stress is when something is actually happening.  Anxiety and Stress are often confused as they are may seem similar but are very different, although Anxiety and Stress can be intertwined. But one is often stronger than the other and usually Anxiety will come before Stress.

Would you like to stop feeling anxious? For those worrying thoughts to stop going round and round in your head?

Can you imagine the feeling of being able to relax and to be able to do the things you want to do without worrying about everything? To feel like you used to feel before you became anxious?

You may have anxious thoughts but never really get stressed.

This sounds a bit confusing, but it’s why you come along for a free 30 minute session for us to talk about what is going on and what will be the best treatment schedule to help.

How does Anxiety Hypnotherapy work?
We will talk about why you are anxious and what you would like to change. So the treatment sessions will be personalised and help to eliminate your worries and stop you feeling anxious. Then you’ll be taught how to react differently to avoid anxiety and you’ll be given coping methods for you to be able to handle any anxious situations you may encounter in the future.

You’ll start to feel relaxed. Then, without the anxiety, you’ll begin to feel more confident and you’ll soon be free of the stress that’s been holding you back.

Hypnotherapy can be a lasting treatment for anxiety.

Treatment sessions cost £75 each and will last for an hour.

The first step is to arrange a FREE initial assessment to decide whether Hypnotherapy for Anxiety with me is the right treatment for you.

To arrange your FREE 30-minute initial assessment, with no obligation, simply click on the link below.
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