CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy. If it’s your first baby you’ll be filled with different emotions from extreme joy to absolute terror about what’s ahead of you.

You may be wondering if Hypnotherapy for childbirth will help you, leading up to, during the birth of your baby and afterwards. The answer is definitely – YES.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful, relaxing treatment to have throughout your pregnancy, on to the birth of your baby and after becoming a parent.

With hypnotherapy it is possible to have a more natural birth. You may be able to have your baby without the need for gas and air or an epidural (You should always be guided by your  medical Health Advisers). You may feel a lot less pain so you could give birth more comfortably and with less stress.

How does Hypnotherapy for Childbirth work?
Hypnotherapy for Childbirth will help you to relax from the time you discover that you’re going to have a baby. It can help you to cope with morning sickness and by eliminating any fears and worries will relieve hypertension.  You will be taught easy techniques for relaxation, stress-release and self-hypnosis.

Together we’ll make sure that you have the happiest, most relaxed pregnancy possible, which means you are more likely to carry a happy, relaxed baby. And when the time comes you can have a much more relaxed, stress-free, painless birth.  Having your baby with the help of Hypnotherapy will be a great experience for you, as well as the best start for your baby.

After becoming a parent Hypnotherapy can help with; Post Natal Recovery, Parental Confidence, Baby Blues (PND), De-Stress and Sleep Restoration and a Crying/Colicky Baby.

Hypnotherapy for Childbirth from antenatal to birth is usually four sessions. But this may vary due to individual circumstances. Treatment sessions cost £75 each and will last for an hour.

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