Do you get anxious and suffer from Exam Nerves? It may come as a surprise, but almost everyone gets some form of nervous reaction when it comes to taking an exam. It’s just that some people are able to cope with their nerves naturally whilst for many others, like you, it can become a real problem which is preventing you from achieving the exam results you’ve worked so hard for and deserve.

Do you recognise this common scenario: As you turn over an exam paper your mind goes blank. You can’t remember anything you’ve learnt. The harder you try the worse it gets. Then you begin to panic that you can’t finish the exam. You get annoyed because you know you have the answers but your memory just won’t let you access them. Eventually you calm down enough to make a start and slowly things get a bit better. The trouble is you’ve wasted valuable time, you’re anxious and worried that you’re not reading the questions properly. You make silly mistakes and finally – and worst of all – you don’t get the grade you are capable of.

Exam Nerves are a serious problem that can affect anyone. It doesn’t matter how clever or intelligent you are. Once they take hold you’re going to struggle to get through the exam or test. Hypnotherapy can help you to achieve the results you have worked for.

How does Hypnotherapy for Exam Nerves work?
Hypnotherapy is fantastic for helping you to remain calm in an exam situation and to remain focused on the questions and effortlessly retrieve the knowledge you have learnt from your memory. It helps you be the best academic version of yourself when you most need to be.

With Hypnotherapy we will work together to achieve your goals. I will help equip you with techniques for overcoming Exam Nerves and building your self confidence. Also I’ll teach you to focus on being able to achieve your full potential.

Exam Success.
Hypnotherapy can’t make know the answers to things you haven’t learnt! However, it can help you study to the best of your ability, but only if you are prepared to put the work in. And guess what? Hypnotherapy can help you become motivated to do so.

You may want help in either one or both these areas. The first step is to arrange a FREE, initial assessment to find out how Hypnotherapy can specifically help you to achieve your goals.

Treatment sessions cost £75 each and will last for an hour. Exam Nerves can often be helped with a single session.

Before deciding whether Hypnotherapy is the right treatment for you, book your FREE, 30-minute initial consultation, with no obligation, simply text or call Robert on 07905 749148 or email

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