Hypnotherapy can be used to help women who are experiencing problems with Fertility and those whose Doctor has diagnosed them with Unexplained Infertility or those who are undergoing, or planning to undergo, medical treatments such as IVF.

Unexplained Infertility means that no medical reason has been found for your fertility problems. You could be directed by your Doctor towards Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) and even resort to IVF as an option to try to conceive.

There are many likely causes of Unexplained Infertility so finding out what is actually causing the problem is difficult and may never be determined. However, Anxiety is the number one factor that may be preventing you from conceiving. And this goes for both partners.  An anxious Woman’s body can actually kill healthy sperm. This is known as Hostile Womb Syndrome. Whereas men who are anxious can suffer with a low sperm count. Combine these two factors together and the chances of becoming pregnant are greatly reduced.

How does Hypnotherapy for Fertility work?
Firstly we’ll work together to establish whether Anxiety or another underlying issue is preventing you from conceiving. Hypnotherapy is a very gentle yet very powerful treatment which can enable people get an insight into any problems that have been affecting them.

Then we’ll work towards resolving those issues which will help you to become relaxed and allow your womb to become naturally receptive to fertilisation. Where possible I’d like to work with both partners separately for maximum effect.

Having a child of your own is nothing short of miraculous. They become your most valued treasures. Feeling that you’re being denied the chance of having a baby can be one of the most devastating feelings. I understand this and although I can’t offer any guaranties or don’t wish to give you false hope. I will just say that Hypnotherapy for Unexplained Infertility is an avenue is well worth exploring and that there is the possibility of success with conception.
The only promise I’ll offer you is that I’ll sincerely and honestly give you 100% expertise and effort to help you achieve your miracle.

Hypnotherapy is an amazing way to help people achieve their goals.  The human mind controls so much more of the body than medical science understands. So why not take time to research and explore Hypnotherapy as an option to help with your Unexplained Infertility. Talk it over with your partner. Then when you’re ready, come in and have an informal discussion about what you are experiencing, and how we can work together to help with your Unexplained Infertility problems.

How does Hypnotherapy for IVF work?
Briefly, Hypnotherapy can be used to help you become less anxious about or during the procedures involved with IVF. As well as working towards natural pain control and general well-being within yourself.
It won’t necessarily make the IVF any more or less effective. But when you’re the best you can be through Hypnotherapy you’ll feel relaxed and happy within yourself then maybe you can have a more positive experience.

I’ll need your permission to write to your GP informing them about the use of Hypnotherapy and medical confirmation of your Unexplained Infertility.

Treatment sessions cost £75 each and will last for an hour. It will usually take 4 sessions to complete the treatment.

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