Pain is one of the most debilitating conditions. It can blight your life and sense of well-being. It can mercilessly and relentlessly intrude into every minute of your day.  If this is how you feel, it should be comforting to know that pain can be managed by Hypnotherapy.

The medical profession recognises that the mind and body are closely related, so are increasingly recommending Hypnotherapy and Self-Hypnosis as an alternative to manage acute and chronic pain.

Your body has the ability to produce its own painkillers called endorphins and encephalins, which work in a similar way to morphine and heroine. The key to helping you with Pain Management is to increasing these by relaxing your mind and body.

I’ll be honest and let you know that this is sometimes the hardest area of Hypnotherapy to work within. But the amazing changes that can be made can’t be dismissed.  Hypnotherapy isn’t a miracle cure and I won’t make your pain totally vanish with a few magic words.

Sometimes you feel pain for an important reason. For example, it serves as reminder that you are injured or ill and you need to rest and recuperate, rather than aggravate a condition by being able to move, pain free.

But Hypnotherapy can reduce pain in many cases to a tolerable level and in some cases – when there are no known physical causes for it – can help it to disappear altogether.

Hypnotherapy can be a very effective means of Pain Management. It was used professionally in the 1840’s by pioneering early Scottish surgeon, Dr James Esdaile as a way to relieve pain on the operating table before anesthetic drugs were invented. He performed hundreds of documented surgical operations using hypnosis to induce mental anesthesia. Patients didn’t experience any pain and it enabled them to undergo procedures that would otherwise have been too much to bear. It also sped up their recovery rate.

It’s still used today for people who are allergic to anesthetic and where drug-free pain relief might be preferred or beneficial, such as with child birth.

Hypnotherapy can help you to lessen pain’s torment and regain your quality of life, giving you back control over your body and sense of well-being.

How does Hypnotherapy for Pain Management work?
My Hypnotherapy treatment for Pain Management provides you with the resources to mentally control your pain levels. It can help to distract you from thinking about and constantly noticing pain. It gives you coping tools and techniques to enable you to control the natural painkillers in your mind and body.

Hypnotherapy for Pain Management covers a range of conditions from headaches and migraines, to sports injuries, to back pain and even child birth.  It can also help as part of your pain relief program while working closely with your oncologist.

Before any Hypnotherapy for Pain Management treatment can take place you must consult your GP and have an initial free assessment with me. This is simply an informal chat and filling in a quick questionnaire.  You’ll also need to complete a pain assessment check and keep a pain diary.

Treatment sessions cost £75 each and will last for an hour. The duration of treatments is be based on your degree of pain and individually assessed. My promise is to help you achieve your realistic goals as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Before deciding whether Hypnotherapy is the right treatment for you, book your FREE, 30-minute initial consultation, with no obligation, simply text or call Robert on 07905 749148 or email

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