Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you get enough sleep? Do you wake up after a few hours and can’t get back to sleep? Does the lack of a good night’s sleep impact on your day? Are you grumpy? Do you find it hard to concentrate and do you look and feel tired?

Then Hypnotherapy for Sleep Disorders and Insomnia could be just what you need in order to a good night’s sleep, every night.

How Does Hypnotherapy for Sleep Disorders and Insomnia work?
Hypnotherapy for Sleep Disorders and Insomnia allows you find out what the root cause of your sleeping problems is. It enables you to discover what underlying issues might be preventing you from having a good night’s sleep. I’ll help you to change the things that affect you while you’re trying to go sleep and to stop thinking about the things that prevent you from sleeping. The result should be that you sleep soundly right through the night.

I’ll also teach you how to relax, as well as self-hypnosis techniques to give you greater control over your state of mind as well as practical help to give you the best chance of being able to fall asleep and – best of all – to stay asleep, soundly. Imagine the feeling of waking up after a decent night’s sleep? How does it feel? Would you like to find out?

Treatment sessions cost £75 each and will last for an hour. Hypnotherapy for sleep issues typically requires about three/four sessions but it could be fewer.

The first step is to book a FREE initial assessment to see how hypnotherapy with me will be able to help you.

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