Hypnotherapy to stop Smoking
Do you smoke? Do you want to stop smoking PERMANENTLY? Hypnotherapy for most people is THE MOST EFFECTIVE way to quit smoking. YOU WILL STOP – if you want to.*

If you want to live longer, cut your risk of dying of smoking-related cancers or heart disease, start to feel and be fitter, to smell nicer, to look better and to save thousands of pounds a year – Then STOP. Yes you may well have tried in the past, perhaps using patches, nicotine gum or just going cold turkey and relying on will power alone. It is not easy and, more often than not, doesn’t work. But you don’t need me to tell you that, because you’re already sick of smoking and are probably desperate to quit now – hence why you’re on this page.

My stop smoking hypntherapy program will help end that quitting and starting-up-again cycle, so that you stop and remain a Non Smoker. You will find that cigarettes no longer have power over you and that stopping for good is so much easier than you thought possible.

How does Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking work?
Firstly, you will need come and see me for a FREE initial assessment session where we’ll have a good chat about your habits and your motivations so that we can find the best and most effective way for your brain and subconscious mind to except that stopping smoking is Achievable, Permanent and Easier than you may have imagined.

Then you will come in for the single session (1 1/2 – 2 hrs) having NOT smoked for 24 hours (you will get help for this in the initial assessment) and leave a NON Smoker! Yes it really is a simple as that.

The Treatment sessions cost £195 and will last for up to 2 hours. A further session if wanted is £50 and usually lasts about 40 minutes.

For most people JUST ONE SESSION is all they need. Others sometimes want to make extra sure and  may come back a few weeks or a month later just to to help reinforce the treatment, even though they haven’t smoked after the first session. And no one really needs to see me three times, because they are permanently finished with smoking, but the offer’s there…

Some people (yes there are always a few) want to stop but still smoke occasional for social reasons, or just to enjoy a single cigarette once or twice a week. Yes of course I can help, but the caveat is that you will need to keep returning once every 4 months for the first year so that we can monitor your progress and make sure that you are staying on track and coping. The three follow-up sessions are only 30 minutes and cost an additional £95 in total.

If you are a heavy smoker (50+ a day) then I have a different approach were by you cut down slowly over a 12 week period before finally stopping altogether. Again, we can discuss your needs on an individual basis. This therapy plan is £320 and covers several visits.

Finally YOU must want to stop smoking for this therapy to work. What ever your motivation is (health, children etc) ultimately this is, and must be, for YOU.*

The first step is to book a FREE initial assessment to see how Hypnotherapy with me will be able to help you.

To arrange your FREE 30-minute initial assessment, with no obligation, simply click on the link below.
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