Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ( CBT )  and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy ( REBT )

The purpose of CBT is to help you to identify, challenge and change negative feelings, emotions and cycles of behaviour. The emphasis is on the present, addressing what is wrong right now and what you are currently experiencing. In order to do this effectively you need to identify which thoughts, feelings and behaviours trigger these emotions. These could be linked to your surroundings, a specific event or situation.

REBT is also about our thinking of events that lead to emotional and behavioural upsets, focusing on the present in the same way CBT does. However REBT goes further and also addresses and challenges attitudes and unhealthy emotions such as anger, depression, anxiety, guilt, etc. As well as maladaptive behaviours like procrastination, addictive patterns, unhealthy eating, and sleep disturbance etc. In fact, anything that negatively impacts your sense of wellbeing.

REBT can help you to break the cycle of events that are often the major factor in panic attacks, anxiety and depression. These are referred to as Secondary Disturbances which most CBT therapies ignore. However, in order to make an affective change it is important not to be “worrying about worrying”.

REBT also differs from CBT because it embraces Unconditional Acceptance.
Unconditionally Accepting yourself with your flaws. Unconditionally Accepting others with their imperfections and Unconditionally Accepting life with all its discomfort, hassles and unfairness.  This is so important for getting you back on track.

I will work closely with you to help to identify your individual set of beliefs, attitudes, expectations and your personal rules that frequently lead you to emotional distress. With REBT we will discover if there are any underlining issues causing your emotional problems and help you develop practical, coping strategies in order for you to resolve them.

Combining REBT with CBT will enable you to re-frame unhelpful beliefs into more realistic, positive and helpful ones. And to develop a more effective approach to living, interacting with others and become better able to deal with your emotions. We will work together towards enhancing your emotional health and personal welfare. Enabling you to take control of your life and wellbeing again.

Treatment sessions cost £35 each and will last for an hour.
Positive changes can happen within 4 to 6 sessions dependent on you individual needs.

The first step is to book a FREE initial assessment in person or on the phone to see how CBT/REBT with me will be able to help you.

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