Hypnotherapy for Children and Young People
You may never have thought of Hypnotherapy as a treatment for issues suffered by Children and Young People, well it’s a very safe and effective way of helping them with many aspects of their lives.  Hypnotherapy can be an effective treatment for bed-wetting, weight issues, overcoming bullying, anxiety, coping with divorce and separation, sleeplessness, nail-biting, hair-pulling, thumb-sucking, stuttering, exam nerves, dental phobias, school phobias, sports and stage performance and so much more.

As an adult you’ll no doubt be aware that problems you carry into adulthood can be much harder to solve – so why not nip any problems your child is having in the bud now?

How does Hypnotherapy for Children and Young People work?
Children respond to hypnosis better than most adults, because they already spend a lot of time in the hypnotic realm of their imagination and they find it much easier to change their behaviours because their young minds are still growing and developing.

I am a qualified teacher and hold a current DBS certificate to work with children from age six upwards and I practice in a safe, secure environment.
A parent or guardian will need be present during treatment unless your child is over 16. Both will need to give consent prior to any treatment.
Before working with any child I always carry out an assessment with their parent/carer present so I have the fullest understanding of the child’s needs inorder to offer the most appropriate plan for their treatment.

The length of the treatment depends entirely on the issue being treated, but a typical treatment length is a free assessment plus two to four sessions.

Treatment sessions cost £45 each and will last form 30 to 40 minutes (dependant on their age).

If you are concerned whether hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way to help your child or teenager, then rest assured, it is and you’ve come to the right place.

Before deciding whether Hypnotherapy is the right treatment for you, book your FREE, 30-minute initial consultation, with no obligation, simply text or call Robert on 07905 749148 or email info@robertaddams.com.

You can also book online at www.robertaddams.com. You can also find me on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/addamsrobert/