This fantastic experience using Hypnosis is intended to help you to completely relax and recharge your mind. To soothe away anxiety and stress, as well as building a strong sense of confidence and wellbeing. You will feel rejuvenated and extremely relaxed, whilst finding yourself more energised and better able to cope with whatever life throws at you.

This powerful, 45 minute session, will  leave you feeling fantastic and continue doing so. You will be taught self hypnosis to strengthen your progress, as well as being given an MP3 so that the “New You” continues to experience this wonderful sense of calm and wellbeing. All this combined with a sense of inner confidence should soon see you starting to notice many aspects of your life changing for the better.

The aim of a Mind Makeover is to help you to have a better sense of wellbeing. This is a general session. By this I mean we are not addressing any particular therapy issues. Instead focusing on allowing you to experience a much better and more positive way of feeling and coping with everyday anxiety and stress. Think of it in terms of having a calm and relaxing experience. Taking time out from the chaos of daily life and then emerging feeling recharged and ready to take on life’s challenges.

Many clients see this as a pampering session like a Spa Treatment for the mind, helping restore a sense of calm back into their lives. For others it is a chance to take time out from a stressful experience and feel better able to cope with it or possibly just a pick-me-up after or during a long convalescence.

I like to think of this Mind Makeover as a factory re-boot and an upgrade to version 2.0 for a  new, improved you. Whatever your reasons or personal circumstances, this Mind Makeover session could be just the ticket.

The session costs £35 and will last for 45 minutes approx.

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