Skype Hypnotherapy


Combining Modern Technology with Traditional Hypnotherapy

Sessions from £35-£50

Professional Skype Hypnotherapy

Technology is now so good that it can safely enable therapists to conduct their sessions over Skype. This allows you to receive a professional Hypnotherapy service via the internet from the comfort of your own home or place of choice. It is safe and convenient and helps you to get the therapy you want if you are unable to get to my practice due to time, physical or geographical reasons.

The professional Governing Body (the GHR) has approved this method of Hypnotherapy as being both safe and ethical, providing it is carried out following their professional guidelines, which I adhere to.

What you will need

In order to participate in a Skype Hypnotherapy Session, you will need to have in place the following things.
• A Skype account (free to set up for video calls)
• At least an hour when you won’t be disturbed by children, pets or partners
• A computer, laptop or tablet with a reliable internet connection.
(the use of a mobile phone is not recommended for Skype Hypnotherapy)
• A mobile phone set to “Do not Disturb”. This will only ring if someone calls you 2 or 3 times within as many minutes.

Your Skype Hypnotherapy Session

When you book your first Online Hypnotherapy appointment you will be asked to complete an online Client Information Form, which needs to be emailed back to us before your session can begin.
Your internet connection will need to be assessed in a free, initial call prior to any therapy taking place.
Please be ready by your computer, laptop or tablet  5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time, for the session to begin on time.
Payment of £50 will be taken prior to your session. 

How to Book

 To book your Online Hypnotherapy appointment please contact my practice by text or call on 07905 749148

or email   Texts and calls from outside the UK 0044 7905 749148